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InstantIncomeFromHome.com provides services in the field of Digital Marketing. The business is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Get the BLUEPRINT for Multiple SIX FIGURES (Income Potential) From Home Within 12 Months. Discover Amazing Secret That Led Me To $1000 Per Month In 60 Days.

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Get the BLUEPRINT for Multiple SIX FIGURES (Income Potential) From Home Within 12 Months. Discover Amazing Secret That Led Me To $1000 Per Month In 60 Days

All-in-One Marketing System

Is an Affiliate Marketing platform that allows customers and affiliates access to an all-in-one marketing system. The marketing system contains an unlimited number of capture pages, digital products, and interactive webinars which consist of live and recorded training sessions. An email broadcasting system is included along with unlimited contacts, and unlimited domains with sub-domains. There is an optional affiliate program where commissions can be earned. This system could be marketed to others, or it can be used to promote your primary business. There is an additional optional training which provides information and resources on the latest marketing trends on digital marketing for any product or service.

To use the marketing system and to have access to the platform you must be a customer of (PLS) Power Lead System. There are five different levels to join PLS. The first level to join is free.

  1. Free Lead System Forever - Become a Free Leads System member for life. This system can automatically generate your own leads. It includes a lead capture page and is a basic funnel to build your list. No cost ever. This system and software are free. - https://freeleadsystem.instantincomefromhome.com
  2. Lead Lightning - Become a Lead Lightning member for life with a one-time $7 purchase. There are no monthly fees with this system. This is a great newbie friendly system for beginners. Affiliates can earn a $6 commission for every lead lightning system sale that is made. (For example, 100 sales x $6 = $600). There is a 7-day money back guarantee. Additional upgrade options are available with higher commissions. - https://7dollarsales.instantincomefromhome.com
  3. Lead Lightning Silver provides additional training and courses for $29.97 per month. This pays $15 per month in commissions. Up to $526 in total commissions with all of the upgrades purchased.) - https://7dollars.instantincomefromhome.com
  4. PLS Customer Only - This is the all-in-one marketing system for customers only to use for any business. The cost to be a PLS customer is $30 per month. Customers are not eligible for commissions. Affiliates receive $20 per month for every PLS customer that is referred. (For example 100 sales x $20 =$2000/mo.) https://pls.instantincomefromhome.com
  5. Gold Level Affiliates - This is the most comprehensive level to join. Gold level affiliates pay $53.97 for a monthly subscription, and carn a $20 monthly residual commission for every gold level affiliate that they refer. Gold level affiliates can earn commissions both promoting all of the previous levels, in addition to an optional subscription Lead Generation Academy - Emerald Level Affiliate - https://lga.instantincomefromhome.com - Lead Generation Academy provides additional ongoing training for digital marketing trends applicable to topics of specific interests. Free video tutorial available online, in addition to residual income compensation. - https://join.instantincomefromhome.com

All Gold Level Affiliates can also purchase digital products one-time, which are available for resale to all of their customers. There is no limit to the amount of customers one affiliate could have. Income potential is based on individual efforts.

  1. Free Ad Secrets - Cost $147 = $100 Commission (Lifetime Ownership)
  2. Social Profit Academy - Cost $497 = $400 Commission(Lifetime Ownership)
  3. Master Traffic Institute - Cost $1997 = $1000 Commission(Lifetime Ownership)

Each of these products offered provide value and content for every member. These products must be purchased in order to receive a commission. A monthly split payment option is available for each of these three products.

www.mycompanyadmin.com (PLS Login)

What to do after you become an Affiliate of PLS?

  1. Purchase a domain
  2. Drive traffic to your website.

Weekly fast start training is available to all new and existing affiliates who are Gold level members.

Tips for Affiliate Marketing Success:

  1. Identify your passion(s)
  2. Find your niche
  3. Become a member of a platform that aligns with your niche
  4. Create individual content that is personalized and adds value to your niche
  5. Identify problems that your affiliate marketing purpose could solve

Power Lead System allows anyone to join and learn digital marketing. It is a beginner friendly system that anyone can use. I can promote this system in over 100+ different countries and have the ability to earn passive income at the same time. This lead generating system can be promoted both online or offline.

Get Your Free Guide today to learn how you can create passive income using this system. https://freeguide.instantincomefromhome.com

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Get the BLUEPRINT for Multiple SIX FIGURES (Income Potential) From Home Within 12 Months. Discover Amazing Secret That Led Me To $1000 Per Month In 60 Days